Paul Daly Band - The Common Good - Neue CD


Die neue CD der Paul Daly Band
Jetzt Erhältlich !!!

The Common Good
01 Good Riddance / The Banshee (Armstrong;Wright,Ritchard / Trad.)
02 Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms / The Masons Apron (Trad.)
03 The Mermaid / The Sailor’s Hornpipe (Trad.)
04 Ain’t Going Honky Tonking Anymore (Tubb))
05 How Have We Forgotten (Paul Daly)
06 The World’s In a Mess (Paul Daly)
07 Tara Tansey (Pete St. John)
08 I Just Want to Dance With You (Prine, Cook)
09 Eileen Òg / The Rights of Man (Perey French / Trad.)
10 Mama Won’t You Wait for Me (Paul Daly)
11 That’s the Way the World Goes Round / The Silver Spire (Prine / Trad.)
12 Homeland  (Hanly)
13 Jambalaya / The Maid Behind the Bar (Williams / Trad.)
14 Man Gave Names to All the Animals (Dylan)
15 Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go (Peake)
16 The Common Good  (Paul Daly)
17 Wish You Were Here (Gilmour, Waters)

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